Heir to the Throne




The very handsome, very dashing Lance Haas.

Lance wants to run away from his supernatural past, but eventually the past comes back to bite him on the ass.

His very fine, very nice ass.

Based on my nearly 2 1/2 year old story, Bloodlust.
It is not necessary to read Bloodlust before reading this, though you might find it interesting to learn Lance’s full history (Lance wasn’t born into the family until Chapter 105 • Note: do not read chapter 105 if you plan to read Bloodlust’s entire story, since this chapter contains various spoilers. •

• Only those over 18 should read this story. Includes cursing, semi-explicit sexual content, mild nudity, violence, disturbing scenarios. Please assume all chapters are like this!

• As more is revealed of Lance’s personality, it becomes obvious that he has some faults. To be perfectly clear, no matter how Lance treats other people (including women), he would never, ever hurt or abuse Kaylee in any way. It won’t happen in this story.

• This story deals with a somewhat ‘sensitive’ subject, but I’ll try to deal with that subject as tactfully as possible. If you read the About page you might understand what I mean.



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